You have to ask….

So a valuable lesson learned – you have to ask.  If you don’t ask, no one knows what you need.  This is related to everything.  Treatments, appointments, supports, pain management – everything.  It helps me, the support person, it helps my husband – the patient.  So I have started asking everyone involved in his care simple questions.  Questions like – is there anything else I should know?  What is the normal experience for most people?  Is this the best drug, if not, why not?  What is the best drug?  Is this a new drug? How long has it been around?  What was the drug used for this symptom in the past?  What are the supports available to me as the caregiver, and to the patient?  How do I access these supports?  And on and on ……

Since I started to ask these questions, amazing things have happened.  I have learned that many local organizations, like the Rotary Club, Hospice, Helping Hands, etc., all receive monies from the government to assist people dealing with Cancer.  I have been able to access people knowledgeable about the disease and made aware of funding available to offset the costs.  It’s early days for us, but it helps to know that the funding is there, the help is there, you just have to ask for it. 

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