Ready Set Go

A couple of days have passed since my husband started his radiation treatment.  The first bit of news we got was that prior to the radiation making the pain better, it would likely “spike” first – that is get very, very painful.  It did, two days after the initial treatment my husband felt incredible pain, relentless throughout his spine, chest and ribs.  There was a numbness that spread down his leg into his foot on one side.  It made him unstable at walking, and manoeuvering in and out and bed, chairs, etc., exceptionally difficult.  It made getting on the table for the radiation tremendously difficult with pain that limited his mobility. 

Another side effect was vomiting, nausea and vomiting.  Painful to do when you have lung cancer and a fractured sternum. It’s hard to find the positive in what’s going on, but we know it is there.  Without hope there is nothing. 

We have two more radiation sessions for his spine left, and then we move on to the lung cancer. 

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