Our Health Insurance

So obviously there are going to be things that you need during a bout with cancer.  In the case of my husband, his spine is in rough shape, with a fracture and some lesions and a tumour, nasty stuff.  Makes sitting down, lying down and even standing quite uncomfortable.  Aha, I think, I will contact the insurance company and see about getting a lift chair or an electric bed in place.  Buy, rent, I don’t care, I just want the thing sooner rather than later.  Not so easy.  Both my husband and I have health insurance through our employers, and good insurance or so I thought.  But not good enough.  Long conversations with both of our providers uncovered the fact that neither mechanical support, the bed or the chair, are covered.  Not only that, I was told that when we get to treatment determination, I’d better call them as soon as possible, since not everything is covered.  There’s not much to be said to the call taker on the phone, she or he is just doing their job, and unfortunately have to take the feedback for the company.  I cried, I just started to cry, where are you supposed to get thousands of dollars for something so fundamental as a chair for a person to sit in.  Especially at a time when you are looking at the potential loss of a life and the income associated with it.  The emotional drain during this process just never stops.  The reality just becomes more and more apparent – cancer is a huge money maker all around – for the hospitals, the pharmaceutical companies, the companies that make equipment you need.  And it’s not a case of what goes around comes around; the people in those companies know all the loopholes – they will never experience the despair like the regular guy.

Any thoughts or experiences to share? Leave them here.

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