What To Expect

This is the hard part, not knowing what to expect.  As the spouse, partner, significant other, you are involved, and expected to function even though the shock is mind numbing.  The first few days have been crazy.  We’ve gone to the hospital for a CT Scan, another CT Scan, and MRI, a simulated CT Scan to determine radiation targets, and that’s over two days.  There’s been blood work and more blood work.  Stop the metformin, start the metformin.  Tomorrow is a biggie, that is the lung biopsy.  After that, we go for yet another CT simulation since the radiologist modified the radiation targets to add another area.  The radiation is key however, to pain management.  The pain associated with the bone cancer is absolutely devastating.  The radiation treatments won’t start until next week, so until then, I get to watch my husband suffer agony every time he hiccups or tries to laugh.  Early days, but already I’ve noticed that this industry, the cancer care industry, seems to have a lost a significant amount of its humanity. 

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