About a Shooting Star

K. Batchelor, 2010

K. Batchelor, 2010

Life should be vibrant and full.  Our interactions with people are the sources of growth, joy, happiness, sorrow and fear.  Without the emotional range and scope there would be no highs and lows, just monotony.  But sometimes the lows are too low, and the highs aren’t anywhere in sight.  It is a challenge to find a reason, any reason to help make sense of the things we face.  This is perhaps where faith has its foothold, where faith comes into play.  People with great faith seem to find an ability to move with the flow of the situation, and a contentment that somehow life will gain its balance back.  I am not a woman of great faith, however, I do have a strong belief in the collective power of all.  So I continue to reach up to the collective universe and ask for answers or at least for assistance in helping me face the challenges ahead.  Challenges that cancer and its unpredictability can throw at a family.  Like a shooting star we shine bright while it is meant to be.  How sweet to see the colours and flame of that star.  I will enjoy it while it lasts.

2 comments on “About a Shooting Star

  1. Nice little post artfulwhimsy….I too believe faith can do amazing things, even if it is just enough to bring a smile for the day.


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